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Sugandha Bhandari (India)

Hi! I am Sugandha Bhadari from India, currently doing my master’s in Corporate Communication at Bournemouth University. Coming from a country that is known as the ‘Land of Spices’, I thought I wouldn’t be able to cook in England or buy spices here, so my mother packed all the spices for me. However, I was WRONG!

Looking for spices at the best prices

Being a college town, Bournemouth has offered me everything in terms of local Indian and Thai spices. As a student, you are always on a tight budget, so planning is a must. To get the best price deals, I have downloaded a free application on my phone called ‘MySupermarket’, which looks at the shopping list that I created and finds the products that I need in the supermarkets near me. It is feasible, as it shows the cheaper alternatives!

Low cost shopping

I live in Winton which is only 10-15 minutes from the university. Winton has a lot to offer, from Lidl and Waitrose to a Korean and an Indian supermarket. My first place to find the groceries is Lidl, as it offers products at reasonable prices. If I can’t find what I need at Lidl, I will travel to ASDA or go to Waitrose. The later, however, has nearly everything but at a relatively higher price. Also, if you happen to be the kind of person who likes to shop in bulk, then ASDA and ALDI are definitely your dear friends.

Eating out

Apart from allowing you to do your grocery shopping on a daily basis, Bournemouth offers a lot of affordable restaurants. From Thai and Greek to North and South Indian restaurants, you will be able to find everything in Bournemouth. You can also download an application called ‘Unidays’ which will let you know about all the discounts and offers, not only on restaurants but also on other shopping outlets.

Student discounts

A lot of cafes and fast-food restaurants offer plenty of student discounts. Some don’t tend to display them, so always ask for a student discount and make sure you are always carrying your student card to get the best deals on FOOD!!

Food is never too far in Bournemouth!

By Sugandha Bhadari, India, MA Corporate Communication, 2017/18