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This is a guest blog by Digital Media Design student,  Mark about his placement at RACS Marketing & RACS Group and his top tips for those students looking to secure a placement.

Placement at: RACS Marketing & RACS Group

Placement job title: Freelance App Design & Developer

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Three words to describe your placement experience: ‘Valuable Learning Experience’.

Most interesting part of your placement year? Having the opportunity to learn and develop personal and technical skills.

Most enjoyable aspect of your placement year? Learning new skills and developing current skills that I can carry through into my final year.

What have you learned that you never thought you would have this year? The invaluable experience of working within a business and understanding how things should and shouldn’t work. Also being able to adapt to new and uncontrollable conditions that pushed me out of my comfort zone.

Two tips for future placement students?

  1. Keep in contact with your Placement Development Advisor! They’re there for a reason, so make sure you stay in contact with them.
  2. Enjoy the work you will be doing. Don’t be afraid to take responsibility and step out of your comfort zone.

One example of how BU supported you during your placement: The best support provided in my opinion would be the assigned Placement Development Advisor.

One example of how your course prepared you for the placement: The course taught me the key fundamental skills that were required for my placement. I could then further develop these skills throughout my time on placement.

How has your placement helped focus your future plans: Throughout placement I was able to understand the direction I would like to pursue career wise. I was able to gain a better understanding of my current skill level and identify the areas I need to improve in the future.

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