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What does my offer mean?

Once BU has made a decision on your application where you’ve successfully been offered a place to study with us, you’ll see one of the following entries via UCAS track as to the type of offer you’ve been given:

Why is my offer higher than my predicted grades?

Your offer is tailored to the subject you have chosen to study with us. We realise this may not match your predicted grades precisely, however every year we endeavour to take as many new students as possible who have achieved the overall tariff score but who may not have achieved the exact offer conditions. This is a common occurrence in August at results time, subject to the number of remaining available spaces once we have confirmed those who have exactly matched their offer conditions.

Once you have received your results, we would encourage you to follow up the status of your offer in UCAS Track, as any changes will appear there first.  

What do I need to do?

It’s really important that you carefully read your offer letter, everything enclosed with it and your notification from UCAS.

Once you have read and understood the conditions of your offer you need to make a decision on the UCAS Track website to either:

  • Accept your offer as your first choice (firm acceptance)
  • Accept your offer as your second choice (insurance acceptance)
  • Decline your offer.

When do I reply?          

Your deadline to reply will be shown in UCAS Track – how much time you have depends on the time of year, varying from one to five weeks.

Can I defer my offer?

If you would like to defer your place to 2019, please email the admissions team with your name, course, UCAS ID and request a deferral as soon as you can.

I’m an international student, when will I receive my CAS letter?

BU is only able to issue a CAS letter after you have met all the conditions to start your course and have accepted your Unconditional offer. Once this is done, your International Admissions Administrator (the person who sent the Unconditional offer to you), will then issue your CAS upon your request.

Please note that BU is not able to issue your CAS more than 6 months before your course start date, even if you have accepted your Unconditional offer. In any case, you are not able to use your CAS (even if it has been issued already) more than 3 months before the start date of your course.

For any questions please contact us. We’re happy to help!

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