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BA (Hons) Marketing Communications

My BU experience began when I literally couldn’t avoid the Media School’s popularity while searching for UK-based marketing courses. After weeks of filtering through all the different courses and attending various open days, Bournemouth landed the top four out of five places in my UCAS application!

The Media School’s Marketing Communications, Advertising, PR and Media Communications won me over with their industry-leading connections, which was really promising for the compulsory placement year. When I receieved the email saying I’d been accepted into BU, I accepted my offer and haven’t looked back since!

Marketing Communications is the perfect course for anyone looking to get an insight into media, advertising, PR and of course the creative side of marketing. With that said, students on the course aren’t expected to be artists or experts with Photoshop, instead we’re creative, strategic, original thinkers with an in-depth theoretical and practical understanding of the industry. It’s so diverse and fun to be working on a branding or digital marketing campaign one minute and then looking into the psychology of the media the next. It’s the perfect way to find out what side of marketing you enjoy and how you’d like to pursue your career after university.

The best thing about the course is that the assignment briefs are often based on real brands and you can become an expert on that area as if you’re working for the business. Who knows, you might be able to take this work to the marketing managers when you apply for a job there! During my placement at TLC Marketing, my work from the Customer Communication and Loyalty Unit was so useful as they specialised in creating loyalty programmes for various brands.

The research I had done for the project meant I could create some value for the agency, which I did by writing, designing and publishing the company’s first eBook ‘5 Rules to a Successful Loyalty Scheme’. This generated loads of brand leads with an original hook and encouraged a number of loyalty campaigns to launch that year.

I’m now in my final year and feel so much more confident about going out into the field, thanks to the course. The Media School has been great in teaching the units with both academic and experience-based lecturers too. Even now as I approach my dissertation, they’re a supportive team that considers you more of a colleague than a student as we become an expert in our niche research areas. I love it so much here that I’m also applying for a Master’s so hopefully this blog helps a lot of you decide whether this course is right for you and hopefully you enjoy it as much as I have!

Good luck in your exams and don’t take the experience for granted, it goes too quickly!



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