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BU’s Global Talent Programme has been co-created with employers to help its students to demonstrate that they have the attributes needed to work in a truly global way. Currently over 850 students are part of the extra-curricular programme that gives them the opportunity to develop new skills, meet employers, win badges, play games and achieve the Global Talent Award.

GTP was initially founded on extensive research from the Higher Education Academy (HEA) and more recently has been supported through HEFCE’s Catalyst Fund. It has creatively integrated two key philosophies and service areas – that of internationalisation and employability. Most universities are shaping their offers on each of these agendas separately, whereas, the Global Talent Programme merges these together and places the student, and their learning careers, at the heart of its proposition.

The Programme provides over 110 activities, it is open to everyone and the good thing is that you can get engaged both physical (travel and mobility) on campus and overseas and digital (virtual and simulated activities). The main aims of the programme are to:

  1. Develop your understanding of key global economic, environmental and societal themes – and the concept of global talent.
  2. Experience international contexts through global communities and campus events.
  3. Build your future-proof global skillset through immersion in international practice.
  4. Apply an international mindset, heartset and skillset to deliver global solutions.
  5. Demonstrate global impact through practical experience.

On campus, the students practice through a range of global immersion events, sessions and workshops as part of the GTP such as Global BUzz events, One World Day, the BU Be Global Festival and the Global Challenge Summit.

Students also have the opportunity to undertake international research projects in China, India, Malaysia and Indonesia, which enable them to respond to a global challenge, such as the skills mismatch in China and India and disseminate solutions internationally during the GFoL. Students can also get involved in professional roles, such as event management, PR and media, and filming.

All in all this is a great programme that will not only help you develop many skills for just few hours a week but it will also give you the opportunity to travel, meet employers, explore new cultures and make many many friends from around the world. So if you want your CV to shine, and if you thrive to stand out in the global economy, join the Global Talent Programme.

If you have further questions you can contact the Global Talent Programme team on:

Email: globaltalent@bournemouth.ac.uk

Call: 01202 961839



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