Guest blogger Written by

Bruna Tolomeli (Brazil)

I am Bruna Tolomeli from Brazil studying a master’s in Post Production Editing here at BU since September 2017. Bournemouth is a small, yet lovely and extremely organized town. Travelling between university and the town centre is always easy.

Since we are in the UK, you can expect to have most busses running on time. Coming from a big and beautiful, but messy city like Rio de Janeiro, I am used to spending several minutes at the bus stop waiting for the bus to come. Sometimes, I must confess, it never came. On the other hand, in Bournemouth transportation is pretty reliable.

Worry-free bus rides

Most students live in student halls and once you apply for it, there is the option of getting a Uni Bus card, which allows you to take the most important buses. I chose to add the bus card to my accommodation fee and I find it very handy. My card allows me to go everywhere and I don’t need to carry cash with me. There are people who do prefer to pay the bus separately. Each time they need to take the bus, they pay the bus driver for their ticket. Either way, the buses in Bournemouth are on time and will take you where you need to go.

Not only can you go to and from the centre easily (most of the buses go to the town centre), but you can also go to Poole and Boscombe with the same buses. Whenever we want to experience something different, we take the bus to Poole, for instance, and enjoy a lovely day at the habour and the shopping mall.

Biker friendly Bournemouth

I also have quite a few friends who own bikes and use them as their main means of transportation. In their experience, it is very handy because Bournemouth is a small town and the streets are bike friendly. In Brazil, they drive on the other side of the road and I am still trying to adapt to it. I don’t have the courage yet to ride a bike here, but I am excited to try it one day. I do encourage bike riders to be part of an adventure exploring Bournemouth and its surrounding areas. Make sure to always use the appropriate safety equipment.

On foot!

As much as I like the bus, my favourite form of transportation are my own feet! I only live ten minutes from the university and thirty minutes from the town centre by foot. Although we are in England, I have experienced some lovely weather which allows me to enjoy long walks. I take different paths to explore the surroundings – getting good exercise and discovering new places at the same time!

No matter which way you decide to travel around Bournemouth, getting around is as easy as you want it to be. Get out there and start exploring!

By Bruna Tolomeli, Brazil, MA Post Production Editing, 2017/18