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So, everyone knows how great first, second and the optional placement year is, but all you tend to hear about with final year is the work load and dissertation! But what they don’t tell you is how fun final year can be and how you just need to make the most of your last year as a student. Heading into second semester has made us all realise just how quickly it’s all going and time’s not waiting for anyone, so here’s why and how you should love every minute before it’s off into the real world. 

1st Year Summer Ball (how different do we look?!)

First of all, most courses tailor final year to the specialities of your discipline and allow students to choose specific units unlike previous years. This means you’re free to go down a specific path that suits you and do assignments that you enjoy. I really loved this option because it allowed me to go back down the media route of my Marketing Communications course as my interests lie with all things communication! The other pathways also sounded great such as Creativity and Strategy, but choosing lets you focus more on you, to get the best out of your degree!

Secondly, it would be naive to completely ignore the dissertation. Some courses start theirs in September, unlike my course that starts in second semester (yes, I’m currently preparing!). Again, the dissertation is all your choice and with some guidance from your adviser, choosing should be so fun! I’ve also loved hearing about everyone else’s dissertation topics because they’re bound to be interesting. Maybe you’ve always love watching Disney, but don’t understand why we’re so Disney-orientated in our consumption habits or you want to discover the limitations of the Influencer phenomena? It can be about whatever sparks a good conversation. Own it and just laugh instead of stress because we’re all in the same position.

Second semester can be (for some) a bit of a drag. Summer seems so far away and yet the deadlines don’t seem to be staying at bay. This is why having fun in the process is absolutely essential especially in final year! Just because you’re a final year now and you feel like an OAP walking into Halo with all the first years does not mean you should be stuck in the library 24/7. I defo

2nd Year Summer Ball pre drinks with the best!

made this mistake for first semester and so I’m clearly taking my own advice starting in 2018. Unlike my friends, I don’t seem to have mastered the walking in hungover to uni bit but for my last five months of my uni experience, I’m definitely going to make the most of this uni bubble while making sure I don’t fall behind. That goes for all years too (when summer comes you’ll only be hoping to be at a Cameo Wednesday).

Lastly, the thing no one ever talks about enough is Summer Ball and the reason I’m mentioning this in a blog more based on final year, is because it’s the last one ever and if that doesn’t make it a great one, I don’t know what will. Summer Ball is the event after all the final assignment deadlines and exams, which is hosted by SUBU specially for BU students and friends. This is no ordinary uni ball, SUBU Summer Ball gets you dressed up and your (pre-booked bus or arranged last minute taxi) carriage takes you to a mini festival, hosting a great line of acts. Some personal faves include Stormzy, Artful Dodger, Sigma, Chase and Status, Zak Abel, DJ Fresh, 99 Souls, Solo 45 and My Nu Leng. So get your dissertation handed in and take loads of pictures for you to look back on during those uni reunions (cry cry).

3rd Year Summer Ball pre drinks (best decor ever!)

I’m so jealous of any prospective, first, second and placement year students that still have so much time left at BU and wish I could do it all again. When you finally get to final year, don’t stress and have fun with it because it’s not the library desks you want to be remembering in 5 years time. There’s so much to enjoy about final year and I’ll defo be taking on my own advice going into second semester… hope this helps!






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