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Msc Events Marketing

Image of Bournemouth beach

Our beautiful beach!

Just graduated and still want to study? Not sure if your undergraduate course is what you wanted for your future career? Interested in marketing? Maybe with a passion for events?

Bournemouth University is definitely the place for you then.

I’m Marta a 23 year old Italian girl studying MSc Events Marketing at Bournemouth University of course.

Just to give you some idea and a general background, I did my Bachelor Degree in Italy at the University of Padua and I graduated in Cultural Tourism Management and Planning. After that I was pretty unsure about the career possibilities I had with my degree. Particularly, I was not sure about what I really wanted to study to improve my knowledge and enjoyment at the same time. So after spending half a year working in London, I decided to find a Master’s degree related to marketing in the UK.

I was looking for a Master’s where I could combine the tourism background I’d already had with something I discovered I like a lot – the marketing part. After many hours researching  UK university websites (especially in the London area) I found the Master’s course offered by Bournemouth University.


Image of the inside of the Fusion Building at Bournemouth Uni

Our wonderful Fusion building on Talbot Campus

First of all, I decided to come to Bournemouth because contrary to London, I thought I would have less distractions so I could study better and be more focused on my Master’s. Moreover, I got a really good impression of the university just from its website and the way they presented the university itself and the Master’s I was interested in. I found really detailed and useful information, and the university sounded like a really good place to study, with a lot of opportunities for students, especially for students with a creative mind! Flexibility and availability I think are two words that can really describe this university (lots of possibilities are offered).

Moreover, something important to take in consideration is the fact that BU is the only university I could find to offer this kind of course: Events Marketing. Other universities offer similar courses, but if you are interested in this sector you should really consider Bournemouth University. Bournemouth itself is a nice and lively town where you can spend time with your new friends!


You will love MSc Events Marketing because it combines core units (such as: Business Strategy & Finance, Event Marketing Communication, Events Principles & Practice, Contemporary Events Marketing and Research Methods) with one option units that you choose (for example: Conference Tourism, Crisis & Disaster Management, Creative Industries in Tourism & Events, Entrepreneurship, Fashion Retailing, Food & Drink, Mobile Communication and Mobile Marketing and Sport Tourism).

Personally, I really love the marketing lessons and all the research I’m doing at the library about that area. I also like the way every lecture is related to the other in terms of topics. Lecturers are really helpful and you can really get the best from the course thanks to their advice and their teaching.


Image of the Olympic rings on Portland

Me at the Olympic Rings on Portland

As part of the course, during the induction week the MSc Event Marketing, MSc Event Management and MSc Sports Management students had the chance to visit the National Sailing Academy in Weymouth. This fieldtrip had the aim to present us with a good case study related to the London Olympic Games 2012.

A great opportunity to better understand the aim of our studies and also a way to get to know each other.

It has definitely been a good start!




Bournemouth University has a rich and wide range of opportunities that are helping me to fit better for jobs. Workshops and career days in relation to Events and Marketing are held every month throughout the year, giving you the opportunity to better understand what’s outside the university and to talk to potential future bosses!

A useful thing is the way this course gives students the chance to work for real clients during the assignments. Case studies, research and assignments combined with theory are giving me lots of knowledge I didn’t have before. Really relevant is the opportunity this course gives you: the placement. If you want, you can experience 30 weeks in the industry. I think this is a great way to start your next career!

I’m really enjoying my time here at BU studying MSc Events Marketing. It has already given me lots of opportunities and it will give me even more when I graduate next year and walk away with a Master’s degree. If you have a love for marketing and a passion for events this is the right Master’s for you.

So, what are you waiting for?

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