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BSc (Hons) Games Technology

“Games Technology”!! You have got to admit there’s a cool ring to it. ‘Wow!! Can I actually study games?’ Well yes of course!! And if you are reading this then you have already come to the right place. Look no further, if you want to have a career in games, Bournemouth University is the place to be, with its industry accredited course and its exposure with the leading brand names like Sony, Gameloft and many more. I knew I’d made the right choice on my very first day.

I could see the professors were really passionate about the subjects that they teach and they just couldn’t wait to get started. I, being an avid gamer always thought about the possibility of creating new virtual worlds and simulations in my own and our Head of the Unit showed that he was there to help make that happen.

A message to budding game developers who have issues with coding, don’t let that put you off from realizing your dream. Trust me when I say this, when you start with your lectures the professor teaches it from scratch and makes sure you can do coding in your sleep (do make sure you are doing your part of the work too). They are also more than happy to assist you personally with any of the units you are struggling with.

Lectures happen almost everyday from Monday to Friday, although if you are lucky to be in certain groups you might get a day off in between. There are labs too, make sure you pay attention to them as that is where you get to test out what you have learnt in the lectures and those are the ones which will actually equip you with the skills required. One thing that will keep you happy throughout the whole term is that there are hardly any exams, some online in-class tests here and there but that’s about it. Mostly it’s all about the assignments, do them properly and you are all set to get a good degree. Your teachers and even classmates will be there to assist you should you run into any kind of roadblocks with those. But be sure not to plagiarise anyone else’s work. The University has a strict policy on that.

So, in the end, I cannot stress enough how glad I am that I decided to take up this course at Bournemouth University. So, hope to see you soon!!

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