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MSc Archaeology

Being a Masters student is at once awesome and really hard. It can easily make or break you, with a step up in work, understanding, and time management. So, I would like to present – a day in my life as a Masters Archaeology student.


7am – wake up. Having already been woken up from a nightmare around 3am (thinking that I had over slept and missed everything) I pull myself out of bed and get washed.

7.20 am- 10 mins ahead of schedule sit on bed playing pokemon. I will have to get breakfast soon.

8.20am – had breakfast, start packing bag to go. A little early, but no matter.

9.10am – in uni. Go into bone lab to practice my bones for the upcoming test.

10 am – taking break from bones and staring at the wall. I think I deserve a hot chocolate.

10.10 am – I now have a hot chocolate.

12pm – lunch time.

1 pm – home. Watching funny cat

2pm – sitting at desk, working on an essay. I need to hit 500 words for the days word count.

3pm- still sitting at desk. 400 words to go. This was easier yesterday surely?

5pm – words done. Time for tea.archaeology-work

7pm – have got distracted researching dissertation topics, and forgotten tea. Will cook now.

8pm – bother. Still haven’t eaten. Give up, turn computer off and make toast for tea.

10 pm – bed. Repeat tomorrow till test.

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