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BA (Hons) Events Management

Who doesn’t love travelling, hey? I certainly do!! And trust me, being at university only makes things better. In fact, I am writing this blog sitting in a café at the airport waiting for my next flight.

I have always loved travelling and visiting new places, however I feel like the amount of traveling I have done increased when I started university. I often get asked if I ever stop as my snapchat story constantly shows different places, and the answer is NO – I just like to keep myself busy.

Travel at uni1st Year:
Many of the BU courses including mine (BA (Hons) Events Management) give students opportunities to go on field trips. In my 1st year I went to London to visit several event venues which was a nice way of getting to know the industry. Also, I would recommend working hard on your grades before you get into uni as you might be eligible for some scholarships. I got one in my first year and spent some of it on all-inclusive holiday in Tunisia. Another perk of being at uni is having free summer holidays. I wanted to use my first summer break to get as much experience and possible before applying for placements. Therefore, I applied to volunteer at several music festivals including Isle of Wight Festival, Reading and Glastonbury.

2nd Year:
We get guest speakers coming in to share their experience with us as well as our lecturers talking about graduates from our course and what they currently do. One day we were told about a student who worked for I Love Tour – a company that organises tours for university sports teams. I spotted a new opportunity there and decided to apply to be a rep for them. After going through the recruitment processes, I was selected to be a rep for the Croatia tour which meant I got to go to Croatia for FREE!!!

Amsterdam3rd Year:
The placement year is your opportunity to travel as much or as little as you want. I was lucky enough to pick a placement that had a lot of travel opportunities. I visited so many parts of the UK that I have never been to before e.g. Manchester or Cornwall. (You can read more about my placement here. As my placement was paid I could also afford some extra trips that year so I went to Amsterdam and Poland (twice).

4th Year:
Final year (also known as the most stressful year) is also full of adventures. As a compulsory part of my degree I went to Lisbon on a field trip which links to one of my units – International Events Management. The visit was so much fun and it gave us all an insight to how events could be managed in a different country. And as if I didn’t have enough travelling for one week I am currently sat at the airport waiting for my flight to Poland to attend a wedding- just a day after coming back from Portugal.

LisbonBy the time you will be reading this, I will have done 3 countries in just a week:
England -> Portugal -> England -> Poland.

And I have already booked another holiday for the end of April to escape the dissertation stress for a week. I will be going to Lanzarote to finally get some sun and vitamin D.

As you can see I like to keep myself busy and travel around and being at uni only helps in my case. There are many other opportunities that involve travelling and visiting new countries available to students such as Leggit or charity hikes – check out SUBU’s Overseas Challenges. There are also opportunities of studying abroad – one of my friends went to Florida.

I wish I could stay at BU forever and enjoy the freedom of studying and travelling. However, unfortunately I will have to become a ‘real adult’ soon.

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