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MSc Forensic Anthropology

I am currently a postgraduate student studying MSc Forensic Anthropology at BU. I also studied my undergraduate degree here too. I love Bournemouth, and that is essentially why I stayed. But the reasons why I love Bournemouth are more than just that!

Amber in the labThe university has some amazing facilities for my course, there is a dedicated bone lab which undergraduate and postgraduate students have practical sessions and lectures in, examining and analysing real archaeological human skeletal remains.

There is a huge amount of support available from the university through askBU, as well as the student union through SUBU advice. In addition to this, the chaplaincy offers counselling sessions and drop in sessions just for a chat. I have also found that the majority of lecturers are really understanding and willing to listen and provide academic support.

There is also so much going on at BU and in the town. SUBU holds so many events throughout the year and there is so much to get involved in, just a few include volunteering, the raising and giving group, nerve radio and the green taskforce! There is so much to do and not enough time to do it in (so an extra year really helps!). There are also two campuses, Talbot and Lansdowne which hold guest lectures, and other networking events and conferences throughout the year.

Outside of the academics, there is Bournemouth town. A beautiful seaside town with plenty to see and lots of shopping! There are some amazing restaurants to eat out, some great local restaurants as well as some well-known favourites. There is also the highlight of Bournemouth, the beach! The beach is beautiful, one of the best in the UK and offers so much, if you’re looking for a quiet walk along the sand, a dip in the summer or learning a new water sport like surfing, the beach offers it! As well as this, the surrounding areas of Dorset have some beautiful countryside, such as the New Forest and stunning areas of coastline such as Hengistbury Head.

Bournemouth University offers so much more than just education, between the student union and the town, there are so many incredible experiences to be had, and so little time! Make the most of it while you are here, or just stay another year!