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Since there’s still some time left for applications and many people are contacting me to ask about studying at Bournemouth University (BU), I feel like sharing a sneaky peek into my experience on MA Producing Film & Television.

BU is still quite a young university when compared to many others all over the UK. Which means that it has plenty of good, positive things about it such as a fresh perspective, modern approach, young and happening atmosphere and ever-vibrant and ever-growing campuses. While being relatively young can also pose limitations, one of the best things about BU is that it is constantly striving to become better and also expand, offering great facilities, teaching, academic and student support alongside some awesome extra-curricular activities ranging from trips to Europe with Snowriders Society, leg-it adventures as far as you can dare and SUBU volunteering, to name just a few!

Dhaval-SUBU student-centre

And now to the technicality of what to expect as a Master’s student at BU. Our year is spanned out into three different terms. In the first two terms we’re expected to achieve a total of 120 credits (60 credits per term) divided across all our projects. On my Master’s in Producing Film and Television there are no “exams” in the traditional sense of the word; it’s mostly just assessed projects. That is not to say it will be a walk in the park, because one thing I have learnt during my studies at BU is that we are constantly encouraged to achieve our very best and produce work of the highest standards.


After this wonderful first three months in the UK, we start our new year and a new term. In the second term we’re again required to achieve another 60 credits, but this is when things get a bit more serious. We’re expected to have grown and learned from our first term and consequently become better in our skills. These are tested through the challenges we’re given in our new projects.

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Fear not though, this is a chance for us to get even better and shine! Despite the increase of study and work, one of the best things about studying at BU is that we get more and more opportunities to meet and network with industry professionals, thereby building our contacts and paving our way to get into the industry. Sometimes these happen on a weekly basis through seminars, guest speaker sessions or socialising events – so keep an eye out for these!


At the end, once we’ve achieved those 120 credits in the first two terms we get to progress into our final third term – when we pursue our “Final Master’s Project”. I’ve just recently confirmed what I want to do for my Master’s project and am working towards it. Oh, did I not mention!? We get to decide our own project and it can be anything we want or we ever dreamt of doing! This depends from course to course and there are certain generic requirements that need to be met such as writing a dissertation etc. However, we still get to form our very own project idea and as long as it meets the requirements, we can do it! As you can imagine, this term will ask even more of me and push me to my limits and beyond; and from my experience so far – everyone at BU has not only helped me get there but also supported me through all the personal and academic development.

By Dhaval Malavia