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unilet-5Some of you might have friends who are already at uni and your expectations related to accommodation might be based on their experience. Hence why it is important to discover your options at Bournemouth University. Get ready for that step and explore what’s available.

There are three main types of accommodation offered to first year students here at BU: Halls of Residence, Student Village and Unilets.

You all might have an idea of where you might want to live once at uni. I certainly had that image in my head as I was applying for accommodation. I wanted to be in halls as I thought that’s what everyone did. I wasn’t sure what other options actually meant – don’t follow my mistakes and check them all out before deciding what the best match for you is. I remember how excited I was waiting for the email from the accommodation team to find out where I will be living in my first year and how heartbroken I was when the email said UNILET!

I was just really scared of the unknown as I had hardly any knowledge about unilets except the fact it was a shared house accommodation. The little I knew then, I ended up falling in love with the house and making friends for life!

At first I didn’t really know what to expect as I only got few pictures of the house within my email, didn’t know who I would end up living with and wasn’t sure if the location was good as I didn’t know Bournemouth at all.

The house I was staying in turned out to be really lovely and my room was amazing. unilet-deskIt was a beautiful, big room with double bed (you don’t get that in halls). I was the first one to move in and was nervous to meet the others but they turned up and were really nice. Each one of us was completely different but we all got on really well. Three years on I still live with one of my housemates and keep in touch with the rest (they are not at uni anymore).

The location was great too! I could easily walk to uni or just get a bus when I was feeling lazy.

Another plus of Unilets is that you might be able to bring your car to uni as there is a better chance of having a parking space by the house – there is no general parking for students around halls.

Being away from halls you can also have some peace and quiet when you need it before your deadlines.

And don’t be worried about not being in the town centre or in halls with lots of other students. You will still make lots of friends through the extra stuff at uni like clubs and societies.

Looking back now, I can honestly say I wouldn’t change anything about my first year accommodation. In fact it was the best house I had during my time here and it gave me some amazing friends and a best friend. GO UNILET!!!


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