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MSc Forensic Anthropology

Why do I love being a student ambassador? The simple answer to that is because it is fun! But there is so much more to why I love my job as a student ambassador. It is the most rewarding and enjoyable job I’ve ever had!

In my second year of university, I decided that I wanted to get more involved in the social side of university. All I knew about student ambassadors were that they wore pink hoodies and spoke to people on open days, so I thought I’d give student-ambassadorit a go when the applications opened. I didn’t know then that it would lead to so many incredible opportunities. Two years later and I am currently a science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) ambassador, an outreach ambassador, a mentor and a blog ambassador. None of this would have happened if I hadn’t have applied to be a student ambassador.

In all of these roles I get to interact with people of all ages, I’ve worked with children of around 5 years old all the way to grandparents of these children! It also allows me to meet so many different types of people, from all types of backgrounds in all manner of fields and careers. I have also travelled most of Dorset and Somerset with STEM and Outreach, visiting schools.

One of my favourite aspects of being a student ambassador is that I get to make a difference, although that sounds really cliché! A large part of my job involves visiting schools and introducing them to the idea of higher education and supporting the aspirations of students in schools, who perhaps don’t really know much about university. I can help students to understand that the opportunity of higher education is for everyone and provide the information for them to make choices that are right for them.

Another amazing part of my job is having fun with the students, in my work with STEM, we use enjoyable activities for the students to encourage them to learn skills that are central to STEM careers. It is fun for the student but also great for us! The Lego robotics workshops are one of my personal favourites.

Meeting new people is a good perk of the job too! It is usually the case that you are part of a different team each time you work, meaning you meet so many new people. I have made a lot of good friends through working as a student ambassador. I have also made several contacts that are beneficial to my degree, through working at events as a student ambassador; many events are really useful for networking and everyone loves the BU ambassadors!

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