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I am Cecily Paldino from the USA, and I completed my MSc Forensic Anthropology at BU in September 2016. Upon graduating from Iowa State University, I came to the conclusion that I wanted to earn my Masters in Forensic Anthropology. So why did I choose BU?

The study abroad dream. I wanted to give myself a chance at studying abroad. Not only did the facilities and course curriculum at BU catch my interest, but also the appeal in packing up my bags and moving to the United Kingdom, especially to a university by the sea! Thus, I applied and was accepted into the program at BU in just two weeks.

The perfect fit. I wanted a program that helped me expand my knowledge in human osteology, as well as understand mechanisms and principles in application to a forensic context. BU offered courses that had me checking off all my necessary bullet points. I was able to take courses such as Human Functional Anatomy, Principles and Methods in Human Osteology, Professional Practice in Forensic Science, and Bodies of Evidence: Before and After Death.

The facilities. The facilities are outstanding. Bournemouth University has a full functioning osteology lab, with over 700+ skeletons available for postgraduate student use.

anthropology-facility simulated mass grave

Hands on experience. A week-long mock mass grave excavation was also part of the curriculum, and it gave me a very hands on approach that I would not have received by reading a textbook. The majority of what I learned was through tangible exposure to materials, from access to the skeletons in the osteology lab, to the simulated outdoor crime scenes.

simulated outdoor crime scene simulated outdoor crime scene

At BU I learned about my area of expertise, as well as what I want to do with it. If you are more of a “learning-by-doing” sort of individual, Bournemouth University may be the perfect fit for you too, not just in Forensic Anthropology, but also in all of the programs offered here.

By Cecily Paldino