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I am Ana Carolina Diniz from Brazil, and I would like to share with you the reasons why I am proud to be an alumnus of the LLM International Tax Law at Bournemouth University.

The course units. The first term develops your knowledge about international law, dispute resolution and corporate law, while in the second term you specialise in international tax law and direct and indirect tax.

The teachers. The tutors of these units have worked in the private sector and are extremely competent, enthusiastic and with a high level of knowledge and expertise. They stimulate the exchange of ideas and encourage participation, asking questions and bringing their personal experience into the classroom.

Practice. In the course, we had to solve many business cases, which prepares you for work in the tax market. The discussions in class are not only theoretical – you also get deeply involved with situations that you could face on a daily basis with future clients.

Electives. You can also have an optional unit. In my case, I chose Commercial Law because I think it is correlated to tax in many ways and would aggregate even more knowledge.

Resources. BU makes many tools available for the tax students, such as databases, as well as access to journals, books and articles that enhance your experience in the law field.

Collaboration. From the beginning of the course, we were encouraged to interact with other students. There were assessments where we were required to work in pairs and in groups. This stimulated the exchange of ideas and the teamwork “spirit”, essential for developing professional skills.

For all these reasons, I really recommend the LLM in International Tax Law at BU.

By Ana Carolina Diniz