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MSc Archaeology

Being asked to pick only three favourite things about Bournemouth is something of a challenge, as it is the first place I have lived on my own away from home, where I completed my undergraduate degree, and where I have chosen to come back to for my master’s…so of course I am a little biased.Cecily - Bournemouth pier

For example, I love the Waterstones in the town centre (I mean bookshops in general are awesome, but the Waterstones is really cool with a basement area, café and very comfy sofas). I am still utterly convinced that the pedestrian crossings and underpasses designed as sunken roundabouts, creating a safe place for people to cross roads (with small café made from a shipping container included) are something closer to what you would expect from science fiction (instead of a 1960s throw back, which apparently they are), and who doesn’t love all the new buildings that the university keeps giving us?

But if I was to narrow it down to three things…


Seriously, most people here are really nice. I have had a bus driver pull over and tell me directions (after spotting that I was in the wrong place since he last told me 30 mins ago), I had been given directions by someone who just heard that I was lost, advice on how to get discounted health care by an optician, and that doesn’t even start to cover where I am living with everyone being really nice (hellos, smiles, and holding doors open). The little things mean a lot on a difficult study day.

Doesn’t feel like a big city

Personally I don’t like the big city feel of some places. It makes me feel really uncomfortable. But even now, living in the town centre, you just don’t get that feeling. Bournemouth has a nice vibe to it.

Lots of fairs

There is so much going on, both on campus and in the town centre. Almost once a month there will be stalls, a fair or something to go and see/do. It just adds that little extra and makes it feel more like a village fate than a large town.


Now I’m back for another year, after just finishing my undergrad archaeology degree…I guess I am biased. What can I say, I like the place.


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