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Latvia – the most amazing country in the world. Latvia is known as a country with stunning landscapes and magnificent nature.

Overall, the easiest way to describe Latvia is to look at Ieva’s blog about Lithuania. Latvia is all of it, but 100 times better.

It is impossible to describe how great my country is. Being Latvian is an award and a very respectful title that puts a lot of responsibility on your shoulders. Therefore, Latvians in Bournemouth have to do a lot to maintain this title.

So, what do we actually do?

We travel…. We love travelling. We Latvians can easily jump on a bike and cycle 10-30-50 miles away from Bournemouth to explore some of the greatest places in this country. The Purbecks and Jurassic Coast offer “the great outdoors” right here on our doorstep.

Glebs - Being Latvian in Bournemouth

We cook and eat… We absolutely love great food. To stock up on our home supplies I recommend the shop Skazka in The Trinagle (near Bournemouth Library). “Skazka” means “fairy tale” and it really is a wonderland of goods (food, films, literature) from Latvia as well as Poland, Ukraine, Russia, Lithuania.


We can spend hours in the kitchen cooking some traditional Latvian dishes or can go to one of the greatest local restaurants: Da Mario, Casa Brasil… even though these places don’t serve any of our traditional Latvian meals, they are brilliant and very well respected by our community.

And finally, we make friends… One of the greatest parts of being a student at BU is that we are all part of a big community. And it does not matter what country you are from – we all have similar interests that connect and unite us.

By Glebs Kiselovs

BA (Hons) Business Studies with Marketing

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