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On 26 February, I eagerly accepted an offer for a year long placement at allbranded UK, a promotional products company who were just launching their new and improved online store. I am now working in a friendly and welcoming office full of skilled individuals who can help and work with me throughout the year.

Starting my placement

Before I started, I knew that I would be working on their online advertising campaigns, conducting media outreach and working on their website’s SEO. While initially I was nervous, the more I thought about it the more I realized that my previous two years at Bournemouth University studying BA (Hons) Public Relations had more than prepared me to take on the job.

When I arrived, my skills were immediately put to use and you bet that I have consistently learnt new and challenging things! I am gaining valuable work experience that I likely would not have got had I not opted to do a 40-week placement. When I finish my degree, I will have a better understanding of the media communications industry and be confident when entering the world of work as a result.

Ollie Sission - 40 week placement

Why I recommend the year long placement

When I was looking to study at BU, it was because I had seen the overview of the degree and liked the sound of it. I didn’t know exactly what direction it would take me in or where I wanted to go for that matter. The more I learnt from the degree, the more it became clearer to me about what interested me and what industry I wanted to work in.

Developing my interest in the media and experiencing the different possible career paths I could take is one of the main reasons I came to university. I am glad to say that over the past two years Bournemouth has helped me do just that. I believe that the support and advice offered here will give you the confidence to follow your passion and find a career that is right for you.

At the end of my first year I knew that as much as I enjoyed learning about Public Relations, I wanted to get some real world work experience in the digital marketing field before graduating. This is exactly why doing a 4-year sandwich degree is so brilliant! You get the chance to take a year out of your degree to specialize in an area that particularly interests you. You can then take what you learn and apply it to your final year of studies!

I would strongly recommend a placement for those thinking about what type of degree they want to do. Doing so gives you the opportunity to explore a specific area of your studies that you are passionate about and interested in. Just remember to enjoy finding the right degree and placement for you!

By Oliver Sissons


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