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BSc (Hons) Software Engineering

Tamer - Go somewhere

Hi there! I’m Tamer from Romania and I will be 20 years old in December. I fancy the world of cybercrime, which is precisely why I’ll be studying Forensic Computing and Security at BU, starting this fall.

I’ve been diving into the cyber world even before I had my own PC. Websites, coding, movies, games … I was hooked! I wanted to get deeper into computers and criminalistics, but only one of them wasn’t good enough, I wanted it all. I spent a lot of time figuring out how I should go about this.



Tamer - CyberSkip to 12 December 2015. BU was the first of all five universities from my list to email me a conditional offer. At that moment I was more excited for the offer than for my upcoming birthday! Boy, was I right to be so!

My friends and family were also excited and they made it impossible for me not to feel nervous and under pressure, because they were sure I would meet the conditions of my offer. You know what? I loved that feeling. It felt like I was doing something big and everyone seemed to believe in me. It was a unique experience, seeing the life I imagined become my reality while also having all that support from everyone.

The problem is that time is passing fast and the future quickly turns into present. Blink a few times and here I am, packing for my new life at BU. Blink a few more times and you might see me graduating. But blink as much as you want, BU will remain a part of me.

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