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My name is Roberta, I am a 28-year old circus lover Biologist from Brazil. I’ve been living in Bournemouth since the beginning of August 2016 and have been falling in love with the town.

The first thing I thought when I decided to apply for the MSc in Biological Anthropology at BU was “I’m going on an adventure”! I have always loved to travel and visit new places but, on top of that, this course is something entirely new for me, since this research area is not very common in Brazil.

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The process of applying was very scary for me; I thought I didn’t have any chance of being accepted. So you can imagine my surprise when I received a phone call for an interview and, shortly after, I was told that I had been accepted!

I was even more excited when I applied for a scholarship and it was granted. The whole experience was really overwhelming and sometimes it is still hard to believe that everything has happened so fast. I am extremely proud that I managed to achieve all of this by myself; it’s fulfilling to know what I am capable of.

I am looking forwards to the start of classes and continuing to bring this whole experience to life, and to finally meet the awesome people I’ve been talking to for the past months. I’ll miss my parents, my dog and my friends terribly, but I am sure it’s worth it. I couldn’t be happier right now!

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By Roberta Ribeiro, MSc Biological Anthropology