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This decision means a huge change in my life and in order to make it come true, I had to get a scholarship. So, I needed to carefully prepare myself in every step, like baking a cake: if just one ingredient is not in the right proportion, the cake may flop or taste strange.

Therefore, I did my best to make my application as perfect as possible by writing, checking, and revising the statement and all required qualifications. I had to clearly figure out who I am, what I want and what I am capable of and reflect all of this in my statement. It took lots of time to complete the application, but I thought it was worth it, since I believed that the course would definitely improve my skills and advance my career path. Moreover, it would drive me to go beyond the knowledge and experiences that I currently have.

However, the most difficult part of the process was waiting. Although I did everything to the best of my ability, it was out of my power to control the outcome. After the scholarship result was published and revealed there was good news for me, I felt even more excited to join BU in my journey and cannot wait to take this opportunity. So, I took action right away, accepting the offer and moved onto the next steps.

Piyanuch HuadhengWithout putting in such an effort, I wouldn’t have been offered this opportunity to explore the opposite side of the world! So, make sure to put your all into what you truly desire and it will pay off.

By Piyanuch Huadheng – Thailand – MSc Marketing Management