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From health & fitness to cooking, from studying to entertainment, there’s an app for every aspect of student life. With hundreds to choose from, it’s easier than ever to use technology to enhance your student experience. Here’s a handful of my favourite apps for university life…

student apps


This is a useful Bournemouth University specific app. Simply download and log on using your university username and password for access to a range of helpful information such as your class timetable, bus times, sport information, and access to the library catalogue.


BBC iPlayer Radio/ Podcasts by Apple


The walk or bus ride to uni in the mornings is the perfect opportunity to plug into your own personal listening bubble and catch up on audio documentaries, features, discussion, or comedy shows. As a media student it’s important for me to stay up to date with current affairs, and you can always gain a new perspective on an area of study by listening to a relevant program.


As a Bournemouth University Student you’re automatically able to access JSTOR, the online database for academic articles. The JSTOR app gives you quick mobile access to a whole world of academic debate and discussion across a wide range of subjects, and you know that anything you read is from a credible academic source and suitable to reference in assignments.

One Second a Day

This inexpensive app allows you to easily put together a montage of daily one second video clips. Simply take a video each day and eventually you end up with a personalised film of your month or year or however long you want. This is the ideal app for capturing those student memories, and a great way to document your time at Bournemouth.

Drop Box

Keeping your work backed up is essential, especially when you’re working to deadlines and you’re editing documents on both your laptop and uni computers. Drop Box acts as online storage, letting you access your work wherever you have internet connection; a great app to help you avoid unnecessary stress.


Managing your diet as a student can be really challenging. Thinking of what to eat when and what ingredients you’ll need can sometimes seem a bit overwhelming. This handy free app allows you to explore hundreds of recipes and ingredients lists. You can put in what you’ve got leftover in the cupboards for specific meal ideas, and save your favourite recipes in a personalised list.

Nike+ Running

It’s all too easy to let your exercise regime slide at university. This helpful app logs your personal statistics, lets you know the weather conditions, and provides support and encouragement to spur you on. Keeping track of your progress is a great way to keep up your motivation for essential exercise during your studies and all the benefits that come with it.


Duo Lingo

Bournemouth is a fantastically diverse environment. With students from all over the world sharing your classrooms and accommodation, it’s a great excuse to brush up on your linguistic skills. Duo lingo will help with foreign language vocabulary and grammar, so you can connect with new friends in their own language.


Snap Fish

Although Facebook acts as our online photo album, nothing beats real prints. Decorating your room with photos makes it feel like home, and with snap fish you can easily choose and order prints of your favourite photos. You can link it up to Facebook and Instagram to easily transfer your favourite snaps from screen to wall at the touch of a button.

By Olivia Beazley