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My name is Rosemary, and I would like to share my experience of watching my eldest daughter Amy go through university at Bournemouth.

When my eldest daughter first mentioned about going to university, one of my biggest concerns was the student loan, and whether the debt would stop her being able to get finance for cars and mortgages etc.  We visited four universities, before eventually settling on Bournemouth, during which we attended a number of presentations for parents and prospective students at the various universities, and I came to understand how the finance worked.  I also asked about whether having a student loan would stop her getting finance for cars etc.,  and was quickly reassured that a student debt is considered as a ‘good loan’ and would cause her no problems in the future.

Although I had been to college myself I had no experience of going to university so it seemed a big step for her to take, but I must say that there is a lot of support out there for parents and students to guide them into university life.

After fighting my way through student finance, my thoughts then turned to what she would need in the way of kitchen equipment.

A chance find at a car boot sale of two good (brand new) saucepans for £2.00 started what was to become a big stack of storage boxes, waiting for term to start, and wondering whether it would all fit in the car!

The first year on campus seemed to fly past, and I was glad of facetime, so no missing home on her part, and I didn’t miss her.

Year 2, and flat hunting started, bringing extra worries and I made sure that she had a very comprehensive insurance to cover all eventualities.

My daughter is now in Year 3, and I can see so many changes.  She has had to deal with multiple computer failures, and various household challenges!  She has learnt to deal with all sorts of people from the landlord to internet supplier.  She has also learnt how to set up and manage the household bills.

In short I see, whatever her eventual university grade will be, she now has so many life skills that she is set up to deal with the world.

For myself, I have had to cope with sadness when she first left home, but thanks to the miracle of face time it has long since gone.

By Rosemary Potts

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