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After endlessly searching for the perfect digital marketing agency, I finally came across Reflect Digital.

Once I had had my interview I immediately felt like it was the place I wanted to work. Everyone was friendly, the office was great and to be perfectly honest I just felt a really good vibe, plus I got given a personalised mug!


So what have I done so far?

I started my placement at the beginning of September and throughout this time I have developed a list of new skills relating to digital marketing. I had never really done marketing as part of my degree, so it’s been really great to gain an insight into the industry here at Reflect Digital. I’ve written numerous articles on a variety of topics, tested websites, carried out guest post outreach, changed on-site content, social planned for clients – the list is endless!

One of my favourite experiences so far was going to Brighton SEO 2015. Brighton SEO is a conference, where a number of speakers take the stage and discuss marketing topics. My favourite speaker was Cathal Berragan who created the twitter account @MedievalReacts when he was 19. It turns out he is now one of the most exciting, young influential marketing entrepreneurs in the world!

Personally, the main thing I have developed is my SEO knowledge. I didn’t really know what it was when I first started, but now I can confidently explain what it is and use my expertise to produce successful outcomes. My confidence has also grown tremendously – I am no longer the shy new girl that wondered into an agency at the start of September!

So, should you think about doing a 40-week placement?

In my opinion, the answer to this question is 100% yes, yes, YES. I highly recommend it to anyone doing any course. You gain so many new skills and experience things that you’ll never forget! It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity that you’ll take with you in your further career, plus let’s face it; it looks great on your CV.

So be confident in your choice and don’t settle for second best. Find the right placement for you and most importantly, enjoy it!

By Katherine Gordine, BA (Hons) Media Production

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  1. Mary Plunkett

    First of all thanks for shearing your post and congrats you for your placement. I hope your experience in digital marketing field should be great.


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