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MSc Marketing Management

Anh Marketing course mates
For those who are into marketing but don’t have much idea what exactly within it you would like to study, BU is going to give you a migraine with a variety of Marketing-related courses!

We have Advertising, Media and Communication, Marketing Management, Events Marketing and the list goes on. I would say each course is useful and unique in its own way so honestly, it’s difficult to give one-size-fits-all advice.

As for me, I chose MSc Marketing Management for a number of reasons.

Start from the basics

Many students are afraid to pursue a postgraduate course specialising in a subject they didn’t have any foundation in beforehand, especially those who change their career path. Some courses indeed require students to have previous knowledge but for this course, they bring you back to the start.

It’s basic and easy to understand if you’re fresh with Marketing, but it’s particularly in-depth if you have experienced Marketing before. It feels like they totally rearrange what you have learnt, they break down your knowledge into bricks and build it up again from foundation to construction in a surprisingly logical manner. You think you know this, but it turns out you don’t, or you haven’t reached the other side of the story. That is insane but exciting, isn’t it?


Marketing and Management under one roof

If you study a specialized subject like Events or Digital Advertising, it’s very likely you’ll get to run events all the time or spend an entire day analysing website traffic to the degree that gets you to dream about statistics. Unless you are in love with it, a more general and strategic subject might be a better option.

The best thing about Marketing Management is that you’ll learn how to plan and execute an integrated marketing campaign that drives long-term profit for your company. It prepares you to be a manager who is able to make strategic decisions that might immensely influence your company’s fate. Furthermore, this course not only teaches you marketing knowledge but also shows you how leadership, human resources, supply chain and communications can work together with marketing to create the optimum outcome.

All in all, if you are eager to manage strategic Marketing campaigns and big projects where you have the authority to control the situation and do things the way you want, definitely go for MS. Marketing Management.

By Anh Ngu

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