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I could make a joke about the awful road works on the A338, but we know that’s not the type of journey you’re interested in when you ask a Master’s student, ‘how did you get here?’ However, the process of deciding to do a Master’s degree is like a road trip: you will inevitably hit some traffic, get a bit lost, take a wrong turn or two, maybe even breakdown, or it could be green lights all the way.

My A-levels in English literature, French and Drama lead me to go directly to the University of Birmingham to study English Literature. I graduated with a good degree and I thought … now what? What happens now?  I had little idea of what “I wanted to do with my life”. Deep down I knew I’d love to work in radio but it seemed far too competitive, I thought I wouldn’t stand a chance. I’d only done one student radio show, and one voluntary work experience placement. I thought everyone else would be much further ahead.

I took my first wrong turn in third year when careers advisors were piling on the pressure and friends were getting offers for schemes and placements for September. I jumped on this “sort my life out” bandwagon and applied to a graduate scheme I didn’t really want. I got a deferred place, meaning I would have a year between graduating and beginning a job. I worked for four months as a Teaching Assistant and then packed my bags and moved to Paris.


It was easy to push the impending grad scheme to the back of my mind while I explored my beautiful new city, made friends, went to French class and worked as an English teacher.  In class when we talked about our future plans I realised I was having to try really hard to sound enthusiastic. I decided there and then that I was going to change this. That day I searched online for radio courses and found one that looked ideal. After a friendly skype interview my place was confirmed, I had good enough grades and could demonstrate genuine interest in the subject. That was settled. I had the rest of summer to enjoy in Paris before coming here to Bournemouth (with only slight hold ups on the A338).

By Olivia Beazley