Where to eat on Talbot Campus

Talbot campus is where I seem to be spending most of my time at the moment! With deadlines looming and projects well underway, I’m usually busy in the studios or in the library. Sometimes on days I’m feeling particularly organised I remember to pack a picnic in the mornings, but other days I seem to… Read more »

How did I get here?

I could make a joke about the awful road works on the A338, but we know that’s not the type of journey you’re interested in when you ask a Master’s student, ‘how did you get here?’ However, the process of deciding to do a Master’s degree is like a road trip: you will inevitably hit… Read more »

What’s it like, now that I’m here?

On Friday 18 September I arrived in Bournemouth in time to move into my accommodation and start my Master’s degree. Boarding the plane at Dublin Airport, I felt nervous and apprehensive as well as excited. I’d known for at least a year that BU was where I wanted to continue my studies, and having just… Read more »