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BSc (Hons) Marketing


Dominic is just about to begin his second year studying BSc (Hons) Marketing at BU. We’re following his journey through the year, beginning with his last day before moving back to Bournemouth…

2 Responses to “Dominic’s story: My last day before going to uni”

  1. Mulie

    Aww good luck with ur studies , yes being home for summer probably makes you home sick but you soon settle back…Ha my son has just returned to Bournemouth Uni his second year Advertising you know him his name is Declan Bourke

    • Dom

      Hi Mulie!

      Only been here a week and am feeling settled in, so that’s good.

      I can’t say I know your son but I’ll look out for him. Marketing and advertising are both in the faculty of media and communications so I have no doubt that our paths’ will cross for one of the overlapping units!


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