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mark-hollandMark Holland is studying BSc (Hons) Games Technology. He still lives with his housemates from year one. Here’s his arrivals advice:

“I’m a 3D artist and have aspired to work in Games for as long as I can remember. It’s great studying at a uni that is leading the way in animation and VFX. I’ve recently seen all of my friend’s final year projects come together and I am really proud of how far we’ve come since we first met.There are lots of things to do here and I’ve found it easy to meet people who share my interests.

During my first two years at BU I went surfing regularly and joined the BU surf club, helping to organise some incredible socials and helping with the design work. I love longboarding, cycling and hiking whenever I can, and I love going to gigs and festivals.

My best advice is to go and meet people, and try not to be shy! Introduce yourself to people on your floor as well as your immediate flat. Cooking meals with your housemates is a great way to bring everyone together, and it’s usually cheaper. I really enjoy cooking now and am always trying new recipes. But my essential item has to be my desktop PC. Check if you need any software for your course and start getting used to it, and see if there are any helpful websites or journals you can subscribe to.”

Some of Mark’s favourite places around town include:

  • Buffalo Bar, Winton for a game of pool and the best burgers around
  • Play mini golf, basketball or go late night downhill longboarding at Boscombe Chine Gardens
  • Enjoy Urban Reef in sunshine or storms
  • The Arcades for some traditional British seaside resort fun
  • Bournemouth has two cinemas so film-buffs are spoilt for choice!

jon-leung-Jonathan Leung is the Vice-President of Activities at SUBU. Here’s his arrivals advice:

“I’ve been involved with SUBU since starting my Hospitality course three years ago. I started working at Dylan’s, the SUBU bar at Talbot Campus soon after arriving at BU, joined a SUBU society and acted as a Student Rep. As well as all of this, in my second year I also supported BU’s PAL (peer-assisted learning) scheme as a PAL Leader, sharing my experiences and advice with new first years.

All of these experiences gave me the confidence to run in the elections to become a sabbatical officer for 2015/16. BU has encouraged me to do more than I thought I would ever achieve, and working with students is fantastic – everyone is so ambitious and has something to say.I have made great friends at BU, earned a valuable degree and established a network of contacts for when I go into industry.

I’m not the sort of person to sit at home all day, so my advice is to take this opportunity to try new things. A student budget can be stretched if invested well, and a bike is a great way to keep you active and save you money. A visit to the uni bar and nightclub might surprise you if you aren’t into the party scene, as both venues also host regular live events and comedy acts.The main reason you’re here is your course, and at BU you can enjoy the freedom to develop yourself academically. Get to know your course mates as they’ll be doing the same things as you. You might find it helps to nominate yourself to become a Student Rep as it’s a good way to get to know people on your course – and other Student Reps.”

Some of Jonathan’s favourite places around town include:

  • Slades Farm outdoor skate park
  • Bournemouth town centre with great shops and amazing food
  • Cycle rides to Ringwood and the New Forest
  • Kayaking around Studland Bay.

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