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theodora-yebuahHad I not become a student at BU, I don’t think I’d have ever heard of Bournemouth and I sincerely wonder why that is now.  It may not be as flashy or as historic as London is, but it definitely is a place worth coming to and realising with your own eyes that Bournemouth is quite a place to be – great weather, great scenery and a great beach! I wish I could say I’m a lover of the camera and I capture everything worth looking at, but I tend to loose myself in the moment and take it all in with my eyes, ears and all my senses. So, thanks to Sophie (another international student) and her portfolio, here are some things you should definitely do in Bournemouth.

#1 Take a stroll along the beach

I can’t talk about Bournemouth without mentioning the beautiful beach. On a beautiful day, it just makes your time here all the more worthwhile. I had heard it got busy with tourists during the summer, but seeing it for myself was a whole different story.


#2 Try some fish and chips

Yes, the traditional English meal – fish and chips. Sitting along the beach and having it makes it taste a whole lot better! They exist on every street heading in and out of Bournemouth (okay, maybe I’m exaggerating just a little bit…or not). Try the dish from different locations as a quest to taste the secret ingredient of each chef.

#3 Find Cameo!

Wondering what to do on a night out in Bournemouth? One word – Cameo. The best day for a student gathering is Wednesdays. And if you can, get an A-list card, because it’s worth it.


#4 Odeon

There’s nothing like watching the latest blockbuster on the big screen. It’s just awesome! If you get tired of studying and want to escape reality for a bit, be sure to go to the Odeon cinema at the heart of Bournemouth.


# 5 Visit the neighbouring town, Poole

Bournemouth and Poole have been best friends for a long time and it’d be a crime not to visit the town of Poole, which is just a bus ride away from the town centre. It may not be as busy as Bournemouth is, but it definitely has beautiful parks, a harbour and lots of places to go shopping!


#6 Spend some time in the Lower Gardens

If the sun’s out and the weather is beautiful, be sure to take a mat or blanket and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Lower Gardens. Read a book, go shopping around The Square, play mini golf, feed the squirrels or take a ride on that iconic balloon (if you’re not afraid of heights).


#7 Experience a sunrise at the pier

The beach is beautiful, so if you don’t mind waking up early in the morning, make the effort to see the sunrise at the beach front. Simply breath-taking!



#8 We’re the Cherries baby!

Premiere league newbies, the Cherries (AFC Bournemouth), belong to our town! You can’t help but become a fan of the football club when you experience the level of loyalty fans have for this home team. Find time to see a game when the season is back on and be sure to buy a kit or scarf!

By Theodora Yebuah