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theodora-yebuahYou know, I had always heard that change was a difficult thing, terrifying too, but I probably never thought too much of it until I had to move across continents to further my education.

Well, yes I have had some experience schooling away from home but it’s always been in a town of a different region that is a 2 ½ hour drive from home – maximum! This time, it was on a whole different level – it was like I was singing to myself, “At first I was afraid, I was petrified…” (Ok, fine – maybe not that song in particular but you get my drift…I hope.) Amidst all that running through my head as I climbed into that plane, one thing was very clear: I was moving away from home, friends, family…


My home back in Ghana

Being me, I like to be very thorough so I had a mountain range (one was not enough) of questions. All the ‘whats, wheres, hows and whys’ – you name it, I thought of it and I’m sure you will (or probably have) too. That doesn’t necessarily mean I had all the answers I needed prior to getting here, but that’s what makes BU special. They made my transition so smooth and at every stage, I was helped. Everything you’d want to know about how you’ll get here, where you’ll live, how you’ll live, places to hang out, transportation, everything – the university has one body or the other to support you: SUBU, Student Accommodation and Letting Service, IT and my all-time favourite – askBU (they even have reps with t-shirts that literally read, ‘ask me’). Of course, if you are the type that likes to discover things on your own, there are campus maps and bus timetables available at convenient points.


My new home…?

Point is, moving away or relocating to study can be challenging. You’ll miss home, your friends and family and the journey may be scary but you will discover new places to love as well as friends who will become like family and you’ll realise that moving was not so bad after all.


Friends who will become like family

It all comes down to you and how you shape your experiences. Hopefully they will become some of your best memories in the future.    

“…and I’ll survive, I will survive, hey-hey!”

By Theodora Yebuah