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KeithGillison1-e1430919742709-300x300Keith Gillison completed the CIM Postgraduate Diploma from BU in 2004 and, after a career in marketing, has just published his first novel. Below, Keith shares how he got into writing and some information about his book “The Boss Killers”, which is available now.

I have just published my first novel, ‘The Boss Killers’, a dark crime comedy.

After completing the CIM Postgraduate Diploma at BU from The Media School in 2004 I continued to pursue a marketing career in the education sector, specialising in b2b marketing. I have recently changed career to concentrate on writing fiction. I had always had an idea about becoming a writer but decided to follow that dream after losing my sister to cancer and battling against Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for a number of years. My stories have been published online (including Ether Books and Flashflood websites), in magazines (Take a Break Fiction Feast) and broadcast on the radio.

‘The Boss Killers’ is a dark crime comedy featuring socially inept detectives, greasy-pole climbing executives, feuding gangsters, downtrodden employees, unusual restaurants, a man with the world’s hardest head and very bad coffee. It is available for Kindle download and paperback from Amazon.

You can keep up to date with Keith’s writing on his blog:

You can also follow him on Twitter @keithgillison.

Originally published on Alumni News.