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light-gardensEvery year, Bournemouth locals flock in their masses to experience the ‘Winter Wonderland’ of the Christmas Market. The town square is full to the brim with a variety of cabin stalls, from sweets stalls to leather crafts to personalised Christmas decorations, there is something to interest everyone.

The outside bar is a huge attraction and with bouncers at the gate it provides a welcome escape from the hustle and bustle of the square. Also dotted around oh-so-temptingly are food stands. From the sweet scent of the crepe stall to the mouth-watering smell of the Bratwurst and Hog Roast stalls, there are plenty of food options. Adults, students and children alike wrap up head to toe in scarves, hats and woolly mittens and with festive decorations, the atmosphere is cheery and embraces the Christmas spirit.

On the particular Friday I visited, the Festival of Light had just begun in the gardens and the town lights were being switched on. The festival is a great addition to the market place and there’s also a fantastic ice rink. The Festival of Light opened with a spectacular fireworks display that lit up the gardens wonderfully. As the golden sparks banged and popped above the heads of the crowd, people halted in the street to watch the display, or hurriedly shuffled closer to get a better view. Everyone took a moment to enjoy the thrill and feel the unity of the Bournemouth community.Christmas-bar

In the town centre, a main stage dominates and presents live music. You can’t look anywhere without seeing people singing along or tapping their feet in time with the music. Next to the main stage is a bright and colourful traditional merry-go-round. I almost had a go, but then saw the hordes of children eagerly waiting for their turn and felt guilty for denying them a seat, just so I could feel like a child again. Bournemouth is an amazing place to live all year round, but having such a brilliant Christmas market is the ‘Star on top of the Christmas Tree!’

By Lucy Playter
Alpine Market photo: Bournemouth Tourism

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