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BSc (Hons) Nutrition

Did you know that BU offers this amazing Academic Excellence Scholarship worth £1,500 for achieving exceptionally good results? It pays to try hard, literally!

The word ‘scholarship’ sounds scary but honestly it’s not at all what it seems! The results seem high and impossible to reach, but who says you can’t aim high in life? I didn’t think I’d ever get it, but managed to with hard work. Honestly, I hadn’t heard about it until I received the email from BU saying I did.

It’s not a matter of applying, it literally is if you get the grades on results day then they will email you telling you that you got it! Sounding good?

How it works … they give you a card and you activate it over the phone, then on the first Monday of every month they will put £166 onto your card over the space of 9 months within the first year of your degree and you can check the balance online.


Within a wide variety of shops like Newlook, this card gets cash back just for shopping there – in most places it’s 2% which over a period of time adds up. This scholarship is excellent as it comes in monthly, meaning you won’t starve for too long. Another good thing is that you can’t transfer or withdraw money from that account, meaning you can’t give money to your nagging siblings when they run out!

While it can do all these different things it on a whole gives you a feel good feeling, because you worked hard (extremely hard!) to get it. Who doesn’t want to be congratulated on doing well?

By Sarah Holding

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