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BSc (Hons) Applied Geography

By Louis Sherman

1st year BU student, BSc (Hons) Applied Geography

When you start going around university open days, viewing your prospective universities, you cant help but feel a little confused and like it is a whole new world. This is true, it’s a huge decision and a massive change, but for me, there was a key moment when viewing Bournemouth University, the feeling of relaxation and being comfortable. They may sound like slightly strange words to use when looking around universities, but for me they were key. I had to think to myself, would I feel relaxed here, would I feel comfortable on this campus, at this university? That moment I walked into BU was the moment that I felt like this and for me BU was the only university I looked at that gave me this feeling.

After being at BU for roughly nine weeks now I can safely say that not only have these feelings stayed the same, but have developed, so much so that I think it is pretty easy for me to say that I love BU. For me, when I was looking at universities I had no idea really what to look at. Every university had a different aspect that drew me to it, but when I got to BU everything just clicked. Straight away the campus itself felt really calm, really clean, very modern and easy to get around and get to know. Then I fell in love with the course I am now studying, that being Applied Geography. The added benefit of BU’s placement years and statistics on graduate employment only helped make my choice easier.

The decision to put BU as my top choice on my UCAS application was without a doubt the best decision I have ever made. Since I moved in on that first day of fresher’s fortnight I have had one great experience after another. From amazing opportunities like the student rep scheme right up to the great nights out that Bournemouth and SUBU provide. So far I have experienced everything from simply meeting new people, to fieldwork trips on my course as well as the Christmas vibe of the Bournemouth market, which is currently going on.

When I was looking at universities I never even thought about the town or area it was situated in, but this should be a big part of your decision. For me it’s another aspect that puts BU above many other universities as it has such a wonderful town with a great atmosphere and with the Christmas events that are currently happening it truly does feel like a very beautiful and special place.

Overall there are so many reasons to choose BU it’s hard to put them into one blog, but it’s very easy to say that BU has more opportunities and more experiences than many other universities out there. BU really is a special and wonderful place to study.

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