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Writing a personal statement can be quite daunting, but knowing the best things to include will definitely make your application stand out.

UCAS have a great video explaining what is involved in writing a great personal statement and we thought it was definitely worth sharing!

Admissions teams want applicants to demonstrate a real love and passion for the subject that they choose, and your personal statement is a great way to show this. Think about why you chose the course you did, and why you think you’re suitable for it.  What experiences do you have that are over and above the norm? Why does this subject interest you so much?

If you have some great skills or achievements don’t be modest! Really sell yourself and be proud of everything you’ve achieved so far. Think about any related hobbies and interests you have, as anything extra-curricular is always viewed really highly.

Sometimes starting a large piece of writing about yourself can be daunting, but breaking things down can help. Although this may sound silly, simple things like spelling, grammar and punctuation are also really important so always bear this in mind. You could always ask friends, family or teachers to proof read your statement to make sure you are communicating everything you want it to.

Check out the UCAS website about the main Do’s and Don’ts for your statement; some things may seem obvious now, but you’d be surprised how easy it can be for the simple things to slip through the net!

If you aren’t sure about a course, or if you need any advice, our Enquiries team are always ready for a chat. Feel free to email on or call on 01202 961916
Happy writing!


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