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With the weather not particularly resembling Summer outside here are the top three topics that were asked this week which will hopefully provide you with some reassurance during the stress of exams. If you did have any more questions however then please feel free to ask us here at askBU.

Deadlines for applying:

Some courses are still accepting applications for this September, course pages will say if they are still open and you can use our course search page to find out. If you would like to apply as a late applicant then please submit your application via UCAS by the 30th June. Any applications submitted after this date will be automatically entered into Clearing.

However any applications made through UCAS Extra need to be submitted by the 3rd July.


Details about which courses are going into Clearing are usually published on our website from mid-July. If you would like to know if the course you are interested in is entering Clearing then please let us know so we can log your details. We will then update you via email as soon as information is available.

You can also like our Facebook page for people looking to join us in September 2013, as we will post updates here too


Please do not worry you have not missed the deadline for applying for accommodation. If you are holding a conditional offer then you won’t be able to apply until you have met the conditions of your offer and it turns to unconditional. For most this is a case of waiting on A Level results in August but whichever results you are waiting on the deadline for applying is by 5pm on the 16th August.

Any problems with existing applications or if you had any specific questions then please email our accommodation team on

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