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By Martine Williams

3rd year BU student, BA (Hons) Events and Leisure Marketing

Bournemouth University has so many opportunities for you to get involved with extra things outside of your degree; there is no chance you will ever be stuck for ideas of what to do ever again!


From different sports clubs and music groups, to the most unusual things like Ultimate Frisbee or the Circus Skills society, BU has a wide range of activities you can get involved in. So if you just want to have a bit of fun and make some new friends or you want to compete in a high level sport for BU – there are opportunities available for everyone!

I have been part of the ‘BU Dance Society’ whilst at university and it’s been a lot of fun but also very rewarding. We regularly compete in competitions against other universities, which are such great experience and give you a genuine sense of university spirit. Even if we lose we all have such a good time that it doesn’t even matter!

There are some real high level sports teams at the university though, so if you’re serious about your sport then you can get involved in these with around 40 sports teams at the university all of which compete at high university level. From Cricket to Volleyball there are lots of opportunities for you to represent BU.

If sport isn’t for you – there are lots of other societies which are aimed at your degree or interest area. There are groups such as the Marketing Society, Law Society or even Business Mania which you can be a part of. These are a great way to network with professionals and really good for building that important thing called your CV!

I would say to anyone who is considering coming to Bournemouth University to get involved with what they have made available to you. There really are so many fantastic clubs and societies and they are such a good way to meet people and do something you enjoy – whilst working hard studying for your degree of course!!!


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