My Unexpected Journey to Bournemouth University

My pathway is a very diverging and complex one. I discovered my talent of drawing at a very young age and I refined it throughout the years as I got older. However most of the time growing up I really had no idea what I wanted to do. I was letting the school education system push… Read more »

How first term is treating me…

My first term of MA in Directing Film & Television has been a train ride full of anxiousness and excitement. At times it seems as though the rails were a little loose causing a bit of discomfort, other times they seemed secure and ridged and I lived through it with relative ease. Although, that goes… Read more »

From the Olympic Games to Coca-Cola – Matt’s Story

Matt Camlin graduated from our MA Directing Digital Film and Television course in 2011. Here, he talks a bit about how his career has progressed since then, which has seen him work on projects from the 2012 Olympics to Game of Thrones. I graduated from my MA in Directing for TV and Film in September… Read more »