Eating in Bournemouth

Hey everyone, my name is Roberta and I’m in Bournemouth for my MSc Biological Anthropology. I’m from Brazil and as many of you may know, it’s a huge country with many different types of food and flavours, depending on the region you live in. When I arrived at Bournemouth, I was very curious about what… Read more »

Living in Corfe House

Hi! My name is JC and I’m doing an MSc in Maritime Archaeology at BU. I’m currently living in Corfe House, student accommodation based in Poole. Corfe house is run by Unite-student. Location! Location! Location! Corfe house is located right beside Aldi supermarket. From my window, I can see the coach station, which makes travelling… Read more »

How my BU experience changed me

I am DeAsia Davis from the USA and I completed an MSc Biological Anthropology in September 2016. Studying at BU was one the most fulfilling events in my life. When I first began applying to universities, I had not heard of Bournemouth University. And, like most, I had dreams of studying abroad in the big… Read more »