VirtaMed: Validation of Anterior Cruciate Ligament

Title:  Validation of the Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) Module of the VirtaMed Virtual Reality Arthroscopy trainer

Status: Article in progress

The purpose of the study: Orthopaedic surgeons need to learn how to perform ACL reconstructions during their training. Usually, this is a hands-on learning experience, where the resident is taught in a step-by-step manner by their trainer.  However, it would be beneficial to be able to gain experience in ACL reconstruction before this stage. One of the ways of gaining experience is by using a newly developed ACL reconstruction module of a virtual reality arthroscopy trainer, in which the different steps of ACL reconstruction can be learned. This study aims to validate the ACL module of the VirtaMed virtual reality arthroscopy trainer, and prove it can distinguish between different levels of experience.

Primary Objectives: To assess whether the trainer can differentiate between different levels of surgical experience.

Study start date: January 2017

Estimated completion date: September 2018


Virtual Reality Simulation