Student Research Assistants at ORIBU

This month at ORI, we are delighted to welcome Mira Obersteiner and Doriana Re to the team as Student Research Assistants (SRA’s). Doriana is a Computer Animation Arts student who will be working closely with ORI PhD student, Mara Aguilera Canon to model, design and draw a virtual reality hip joint and Mako Hip Replacement… Read more »

Bournemouth University’s Festival of Learning 2018, Orthopaedics in Action

Bournemouth University’s annual Festival of Learning is now in its sixth year and runs from Saturday 16 – Wednesday 20 June, bringing learning to life with free events, activities and opportunities to learn something new. We are delighted to open the Orthopaedic Research Institute’s research laboratory as part of the event so that you can… Read more »

Orthopaedic Research Institute invited to represent Dorset Local Enterprise Partnership at the Innovation South Conference

  On the 27 March 2018, The Innovation South Showcase was held at the all new Farnborough International Exhibition and Conference Centre. Innovation South is a new collaboration between the government and industry to promote the skills and strengths of the South of England’s economy. Innovation South, is an alliance of companies, Universities and public authorities… Read more »

The BUORI is the first place in the world to have their own VirtaMed ArthroS™ hip simulator to train on.

Professor Middleton has been involved in the development of robotic surgery and the use of computer navigation in surgery since 1997 when he published a paper titled “Active compliance in robotic surgery – the use of force control as a dynamic constraint.”More recently Professor Middleton and Associate Professor Wainwright have collaborated with colleagues from the… Read more »

Professor Robert Middleton: Hip replacements using robotic-assisted technology

A Bournemouth University (BU) professor will undertake the first in-depth analysis of using robotic-assisted technology in hip replacements. The Mako robotic-arm technology will provide hip replacements to Nuffield Health Bournemouth Hospital’s patients from October 2017, led by leading orthopaedic consultant Professor Robert Middleton, who is the head of the Orthopaedic Research Institute at Bournemouth University… Read more »

Joe Arundel, Student Research Assistant Placements: “My experience at the Orthopaedic Research Institute”

Having just completed my second year BSc Sport Psychology and Coaching Sciences, I started a Student Research Assistantship with the Orthopaedic Research Institute (ORI) at Bournemouth University. I worked closely with the lead researcher Dr James Gavin alongside the Orthopaedic Research Institute team: Tom Wainwright, Tikki Immins and Shay Bahadori; PhD Researchers and Research Fellows…. Read more »

Bournemouth University’s Festival of Learning hosted by Orthopaedic Research Institute

This year at Bournemouth University’s Festival of Learning, ORI are delighted to be hosting two fantastic events for the public to attend. The evening begins with a demonstration of Orthopaedics in Action, where we will be showcasing our brand new Gait Real-time Analysis Interactive Laboratory (GRAIL). There are only three other GRAILs in the country,… Read more »

Why Hip Operation?

A particular area of expertise for ORI is osteoarthritis – a condition which clinicians in Dorset are frequently faced with, owing to the high numbers of older people living in the region.  By producing high quality research and teaching in this area, ORI has the potential to make a real impact on local and national… Read more »

ORI invited to Digital Orthopaedic Conference, San Francisco

Tom Wainwright attended the UCSF Digital Orthopaedic Conference San Francisco (DOCSF) in January. DOCSF aimed to create a platform for inventors and health care leaders to implement real solutions in orthopaedic care. Emphasising the importance of patient focused care, DOCSF outlined the factors as to why the orthopaedic sector can be a prime driver of digital… Read more »

ORIBU’s Professor of Orthopaedics Rob Middleton gives inaugural lecture

Last week Head of ORI and Professor of Orthopaedics, Rob Middleton gave an inaugural lecture on ‘Performing Hip Replacements in Space’. Attendees also had a chance to practice on the latest virtual reality surgical simulators as well as looking at the state-of-the-art motion capture system currently used in ORI laboratory for research and practice. With… Read more »