ORI welcomes Matteo Briguglio, a visiting researcher from Milan, Italy.

Matteo Briguglio

Over the past 2 months, the ORI team has been delighted to welcome Matteo Briguglio, a visiting researcher from Milan, Italy.

Matteo collaborated with Prof Wainwright remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic on an article looking at the role of optimising the nutritional status of patients prior to orthopaedic surgery. During his visit he was able to continue this collaboration and there are 4 research outputs now in preparation. Prof Wainwright commented “It has been a pleasure to host Matteo and the team have very much enjoyed sharing and exchanging clinical and research ideas and practice. We are looking forward to continued collaboration and future projects together”.

Matteo Briguglio is a dietician by training, having graduated in 2015, and works in the Dietetic Unit of the I.R.C.C.S. Orthopedic Institute Galeazzi in Milan, Italy. He is currently affiliated with the Scientific Direction of the hospital working as a Principal Investigator on several studies on diet and nutrition. His research investigates the different approaches to optimize the nutritional status of patients through diet or supplements in order to enhance patient experience and outcomes after major operations, comprising hip, knee, and spine surgery.

Matteo commented “I originally contacted the ORI of Prof. Middleton and Prof. Wainwright after seeing their expertise in the approach of Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS). Since this perioperative management of patient care deems nutritional support a key factor, I thought that the ORI might be the perfect place to give my research an international boost. And so it was! During my time in Bournemouth and at the Bournemouth Nuffield Health Hospital, I had the opportunity to deepen my knowledge of perioperative fluid balance, hospital diets, and postoperative feeding practices. I was pleasingly absorbed by the completeness of the ORI laboratories, with devices being able to study the patient’s physical recovery from different angles. In addition, meeting the staff members was a unique experience, and I will always carry the memory of their kindness and helpfulness. This experience has unquestionably allowed me to enrich my network of collaborations and long-term endeavours, offering me the opportunity to study the distinct routines in Italy and the UK under the same lens in order to identify a common path of full recovery after surgery.”