Prof Robert Middleton was a keynote speaker at the recent North-South Medtech Summit

Robotic hip surgery at the Nuffield Hospital

Robotic hip surgery at Bournemouth Nuffield Hospital

Prof Rob Middleton was the invited keynote speaker at the recent “North-South Medtech Summit” held on 26th November 2021, hosted by the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) Surgical MedTech Co-operative, OVHcloud start up programme and Bournemouth University.

The event was held to bring together local and global healthcare and technology stakeholders to create new opportunities for expertise to be shared and collaborations to be made. Prof Middleton was invited to showcase his experience and pioneering work at introducing robotic hip surgery as an example of medical innovation and collaboration with industry.

Prof Middleton said “The development of ORI BU is a great example of how Universities, Local and National Government bodies can work with industry to create a Med Tec hub”.