Tom Wainwright co-authors ERAS Society Guidelines for Lumbar Spinal Fusion

Associate Professor Tom Wainwright

Associate Professor Tom Wainwright has co-authored the ERAS Society guidelines for the perioperative care of patients undergoing lumbar spinal fusion, with a multidisciplinary team of experts from across the globe.

The consensus statement includes a comprehensive analysis of the available literature and provides evidence-based recommendations for lumbar fusion surgery for degenerative spinal conditions.

Tom said:

“It was a great honour to be part of an international team of experts aiming to improve care for patients after lumbar spinal fusion. Interest for ERAS within spine surgery is really taking off, and we hope that these guidelines will help colleagues around the world improve pathways for their patients. It also sets some important future research questions and highlights the need for more procedure specific research in this clinical area.”

The guidelines can be accessed here.