Orthopaedic Research Institute features in BTE Therapy Spark Campaign

Last week ORI was featured in BTE Therapy Spark which is a leading online newsletter for healthcare professionals, experts, and associated businesses who have interest in muscle strength assessment using the PrimusRs device.

The article highlights a protocol that allows researchers to quickly collect precise data on the assessment of lower limb muscle strength.

Tom Wainwright said:

“It’s great that we have such fantastic equipment at ORI. We are thankful to funding from the Dorset LEP which enabled us to purchase the PrimusRS. Our facilities are world class and allow us to do research that benefits our patients”

To read more about how ORI is being features by BTE in the ‘Therapy Spark’ campaign, please visit: https://www.btetechnologies.com/therapyspark/new-protocol-strength-assessment-of-the-lower-extremities/