Professor Middleton invited to speak at inaugural BOFAS webinar

Professor Robert Middleton

Last week, Head of ORI, Professor Robert Middleton, was invited to speak at the inaugural British Orthopaedic Foot and Ankle (BOFAS) webinar, “Foot and ankle surgery during Covid-19”. 

This national meeting of surgeons discussed restarting elective surgery during the Covid-19 epidemic. Professor Middleton’s talk discussed rationing theatres between athroplasty and foot and ankle surgery, and the role of Enhanced Recovery after Surgery (ERAS) in this context.

Professor Middleton said: “The challenge going forward is that we will all be expected to perform at the highest and most efficient level. All units will be expected to perform as the top 5% of units performed before Covid-19. The way we do that is through Enhanced Recovery. Essentially, being a brilliant surgeon alone is not enough, every step around the surgery is important, and the clear evidence is that units that practice Enhanced Recovery, in all aspects, out perform all other units”.

The full webinar can be accessed on the BOFAS website, and advice on self-managing hip osteoarthritis at home during Covid-19 can be found on our YouTube channel.