ERAS Spine research collaboration visit to Dalhousie University in Canada

Associate Professor Tom Wainwright recently visited Halifax in Canada as the guest of Professor Sean Christie, who is the Vice Chair and Director of Research within the Division of Neurosurgery at Dalhousie University.

Prof Christie, Past President of the Canadian Spine Society, invited Tom to lecture at Grand Rounds after Tom had delivered a keynote lecture on Enhanced Recovery after Surgery (ERAS) at the Canadian Spine Society Conference in Toronto earlier this year. In addition to the lecture, Tom spent 2 days working with the neurosurgical team to advise them on how to implement Enhanced Recovery after Surgery (ERAS) for their patients undergoing spinal surgery. As part of the visit, Tom discussed collaborative research opportunities and project plans were made for a first joint publication. On returning, Tom commented β€œIt was a great visit, the hospitality was brilliant, and it was great to meet such a motivated and collaborative team. I am sure that they will be successful in their implementation of ERAS, and hope to collaborate further in the future. It is also great to see how ERAS is now being adopted by spinal teams after we wrote the first article on the subject in 2016”